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A prolific and captivating speaker, Tasha Burks has developed a unique way to reach her audience. By engaging them with a dose of charisma, she infuses relatability and realness whenever she speaks to impact her audience. 

Tasha lights up any room she walk into and has an inexplicable radiance that captivates and mesmerizes any and every audience. Great energy and presence, she is informative and motivational.




Entrepreneurship  |  Empowerment & Motivation  |  Career Navigation

  • Curate Your Career: Write the Vision
    Words are powerful. When combined with an active vision, a candidate can become unstoppable! In this captivating workshop, Tasha takes attendees through a step-by-step action plan encouraging them to bravely journey into self-exploration, dive into finding what they want, and curate the process to get them there. This workshop was created with the intention to generate ideas and help each attendee secure an optimal fulfilling career and life! *workshop only
  • Entrepreneurship is Crazy!
    Millions of Americans annually aspire to be an entrepreneur, and yet, unfortunately, many are not successful because they are not aware of how crazy challenging entrepreneurship is! Tasha is a business veteran whose company, T. Burks & Associates, an executive recruiting firm, celebrated its 17th anniversary this year. Tasha has faced the difficulty of entrepreneurship and has stayed relevant, successful, booked, and busy! From the foundational steps of creating the business to the subsequent steps culminating the launch, Tasha provides the blueprint for entrepreneurial success.
  • Mastering the Pivot: Adaptability is the New Survival Tactic
    The workforce landscape has experienced a paradigm shift within the last three years, and many candidates are struggling to keep up. However, those thriving have an undeniable quality—the ability to adapt. Specifically, these candidates can view the bigger picture and strategize how to align their skillset with other opportunities at their current employer or create another income stream. Tasha teaches attendees step-by-step how to cultivate their pivot and perfect their pitch to decision-makers. Mastering the Pivot is her most interactive workshop and is ideal for tenured professionals and budding professionals alike.
  • You Are Holding You Back
    Tasha has worked with many talented professionals who, unfortunately, have not reached the level of success they desire. Tasha has found that one debilitating factor keeps them from their highest potential—their limiting mindset. Tasha keeps it 100% real, identifies this mindset in her attendees, and illustrates how it affects them from achieving it all. *This topic can be done as a workshop or a keynote speech as complacency affects us all.
  • Never Apologize for Being You
    Insecurity cripples us all. Imposter Syndrome is more than a buzzword. It is real. Tasha illuminates this condition and provides ways to combat it, and identifies how it weakens an individual's success. Negative thinking becomes a pattern and causes job seekers and professionals to be in a repetitive cycle of self-doubt and fear. Tasha teaches professionals how to break the pattern.
  • Shoot Your Shot
    A staggering 118 plus applicants, on average, apply for the same role posted on a job board! Do you know who lands the role? Tasha Burks does because she has seen it daily. She has impressively connected hundreds of professionals to the roles they deserve with the salary to match. This keynote speech takes a conscientious, intentional and relatable approach. First, Tasha sprinkles in professional assertiveness and finesse to help candidates stand out from their peers. Next, Tasha teaches the code to success—a confident plan steeped in the nuance of humblebrag and highlighting their skillset by sharing qualified metrics and career highlights. Tasha has the plan!
  • Adversity Knows No Names
    Adversity affects us all. Some of us experience different and various degrees of it, but regardless of how much or little, you have to face it head-on and don’t back down. Tasha discusses the importance of work-life balance. As a mother and minority business owner, she has seen and conquered her share of challenges. Her 17 years in business have taught her innumerable lessons that have garnered her success. It is her honor to share how she did it. Become a titan of strength and learn to face adversity and win!


As a call-to-action leader, empowerment and motivational speaker, Tasha brings a high-energy everyday approach to simplify what most people overthink.


Tasha is a business owner of seventeen years, certified Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace professional, who strives to be the bridge between candidates and the career success they seek.


With her witty and clever strategy-based career development tactics, Tasha has a proven track record, having helped hundreds of professionals make their mark and find their way. 

Book her today to impact your audience at conferences, workshops, breakout sessions, and development initiatives. 

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